Development trend of international logistics

With the trend of globalization and the expanding scope of services, the concept of logistics supply chain is completely different from before, the process is becoming more and more complex, and the requirements of customers are becoming more and more strict. Therefore, in recent years, some experts put forward the concept of 4PL. In 4PL mode, an external logistics integrator or comprehensive service organization will undertake the tasks of consulting, consulting, planning, controlling and maintaining the supply chain in a better state. At present, 4PL companies are mostly derived from 3PL’s service companies, information technology providers and consulting companies, while others are “combinations” of different kinds of companies, such as operating companies and information technology participants in the same supply chain, or joint management of a series of subsidiaries of the same large company for a specific project.

Provide customers with value-added services as much as possible through logistics:

Now the logistics service has gone beyond the traditional sense of goods delivery, warehousing or storage. In fact, since the customer received the order, the logistics company has been involved in the whole process of the product itself. For modern logistics enterprises, single transportation business can not form a firm foundation, so on the one hand, they must provide new additional business, expand the scope of business, on the other hand, they must constantly bring forth new things, provide customers with or at least special services, namely value-added services, in order to increase their core competitiveness. No matter in shipping, air transportation or land transportation, in fact, almost all companies related to logistics and transportation are trying their best to provide value-added services and complete supply chain management, so that customers can track their cargo location, accurate process and actual cost at the first time.

Post time: Apr-15-2021